HGO Technology is a world-class strategic IT advisory, managed technology services, and web & mobile application development consulting firm that focuses on helping clients to extract the maximum value from their business process and information technology investments. We have a keen interest in owning or influencing every relevant technology decision our clients make, in order to improve their effective leverage of information technology and business process for financial results.
Clients value our role as advisor because of our highly-tenured, knowledge workers and a leadership team comprised of technology business owners, and business architects who leverage their collective experience and continual professional development to build appropriate business solutions that effectively leverage technology.


Strategic IT Advisory Services
Develop long-term technology strategies that align with overall business objectives.

Managed IT Services
Minimize disruptions and maximize the long-term value of IT investments.

Professional Development
Proactively and continuously educate staff to ensure efficiency and engagement.

Web/Application Development
Automate business processes, integrate applications and to drive marketing and sales growth.

Infrastructure Technololgy Services
Build an environment to support the fast and reliable transmission of data and voice.

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